Empowering Equality – Elevating rewards
Empowering Equality – Elevating Rewards
Concerned about complying
with the EU Pay Directive?

Master EU Pay Directive compliance by following our clear, step-by-step guidance. We will support you all the way – with confidence and peace of mind.

Need reward leadership
and agile execution?

Benefit from our systematic, long-term support. With our proven track record in rewards, we’ll set a clear roadmap and stand by you – at every step

Facing a special
reward challenge?

Let’s create a practical solution to your needs, drawing from our broad expertise in managing and implementing reward systems in companies, along with our consulting background.

Boost your reward operations
with our outsourced services.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or scaling up, our comprehensive outsourced reward services have you covered.

Why Rewardia?

We know rewards. We know equal pay.
We know how companies actually operate.
And how to implement – together.

Elevating rewards

1. Diagnose the current

  1. EU Pay Directive: Use PIHR Pay Equity™ software to target pay gaps.
  2. Rewards Assessment: Evaluate Return on Investment and effectiveness.
  3. Salary Analysis: Maintain competitive and cost-efficient salaries.
  4. Benchmarking: Stay competitive in your industry and locations.

2. Build a solid foundation

  1. Reward Framework: Define principles and reward strategy for steering your business.
  2. Reward Decisions: Provide clear and effective support for your Board of Directors and Remuneration Committees on reward resolutions.
  3. Clarify responsibilities: Streamline the understanding of jobs and progression opportunities.
  4. Annual Reporting & Compliance: Ensure internal and external compliance with EU Pay Directive and annual reports.

3. Stand out from competitors

  1. Reward Roadmap: Prioritize your rewards development.
  2. Salary ranges: Boost recruitment, retention and communication.
  3. Communication and training: Strengthen manager capabilities when implementing rewards.
  4. Rewards Outsourcing: Manage benchmarking, salary ranges, workflows, and reporting effectively.

4. Accelerate growth

  1. Pay Equality: Proactively steer through the EU Pay Transparency Directive and create a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining top talent.
  2. Incentive plans: Create impactful short- and long-term incentives to steer your business.
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions: Streamline and optimize reward programs to ensure seamless integration and retention during mergers.
  4. Executing changes: Address disparities, optimize reward programs, and ensure market-aligned structures.
20 years of experience and track record in rewards

20 years of experience and track record in rewards – Petri Sallinen



Leading Rewards Globally


Leading Rewards Globally


Leading Rewards Globally


Leading Rewards in Europe & Eurasia


Korn Ferry / Hay Group


  1. Developing and executing Remuneration strategies, STI and LTI plans (incl. ESG measures), Remuneration Committee agendas, and externally recognized reporting
  2. Creating structured, competitive, cost controlled yet flexible total reward approaches globally including new businesses and new countries
  3. Designing and implementing group wide job structures and career paths to support company growth
  4. Planning and executing salary analysis and equal pay audits, executing roadmaps, training managers
The decision

The decision isn’t whether to be transparent or not, it is how far to go.

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